Allergy Treatment

Allergen immunotherapy involves the regular administration of gradually increasing doses of allergen extracts over a period of years. Immunotherapy can be given to patients as an injection or as tablets, sprays or drops under the tongue (sublingual).

Over the counter sublingual vaccines have become increasingly expensive, however because Dr Baker makes his own sublingual vaccine on the premises it can cost the patient less than $1 per day.

Immunotherapy injections

Allergy injections start with a very low dose. The dose is gradually increased on a regular basis, until an effective (maintenance) dose is reached. This dose may vary between patients, depending on the degree of sensitivity.

Once the maintenance dose is reached, injections are administered less often, although still on a regular basis. You will be required to stay at the clinic for a time recommended by Dr Baker (usually 30-45 minutes) after the immunotherapy injection has been given

Sublingual Immunotherapy

The potential advantages of sublingual treatment are those of no injections, fewer regular doctor visits, home dosing after the first treatment, and a lower risk of serious reactions. This is Dr Bakers preferred method of treatment

Common methods for taking the allergen extracts:

  • Keep the drops under the tongue for at least 2 minutes, then swallow.
  • Drops are usually administered either first thing on waking or ten minutes after after cleaning your teeth in the morning.
  • Do NOT eat/drink anything for 15 minutes
  • The risk of potentially dangerous side-effects arising from this form of treatment, such as difficulty breathing, is extremely low.

Allergen immunotherapy changes the way the immune system reacts to allergens, by switching off allergy. The desensitisation process requires regular 6 monthly testing. An increased dosage is prescribed over a few years with the patient gaining more tolerance to the specific allergens causing their problems.

With Dr Baker’s advice to minimise the environmental triggers and regular use of the vaccine the end result is that you become immune to the allergens or more tolerant, so that you have fewer or no symptoms.