How to Get an Allergy Test in Australia?

Allergic diseases are on the rise in Australia, affecting over four million individuals and increasingly impacting the quality of life for both sufferers and their families. The fear of anaphylaxis, in particular, can cause considerable anxiety, making daily life challenging for those with severe allergies. This growing concern highlights the critical need for allergy testing, an essential tool in diagnosing and managing allergic conditions. For reliable allergy testing and treament

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Mould Allergy – What You Need to Know

We are in the time of year when we consistently see more patients presenting with symptoms that are consistent with mould allergy. This subsequently being confirmed by testing with an appropriate panel of mould extracts. It’s important to understand that mould allergy can be a problem at any time of the year, especially indoors; however, Sydney’s relative humidity climbs through late summer and is at its highest from February to

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